Standing Seam Metal Roofing Installation–Lambertville, NJ

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To learn more about what the standing seam metal roof installation process looks like, view this video which explains the process in depth:

The owner of a building in the charming and historic town of Lambertville NJ needed a new roof for a music school right in the center of town. The main goal was to keep the facade of the building as historically accurate as possible in keeping with the towns’ historical aesthetic while also providing a hardy roofing solution that will last a lifetime with little to no maintenance. After much discussion, Alte Exteriors recommended installing a custom-sized, hand-made standing seam metal roof system.

The standing seam roof system is made of .032-gauge aluminum with a Kynar 500 finish covering the face of the panels. Each panel is fabricated to be approx. 12 inches wide. Typically standing seam roof panels are approximately 16 inches wide. The smaller panel gives the building a more historically faithful feel. The Kynar 500 finish is a commercial grade baked-on coloring, this will provide a lasting impression with no fading, chips or peeling.

Both the building owner and neighbors are thrilled with the outcome of this new roof in Lambertville NJ. The Alte Exteriors metal roofing crew was proud to put our final stamp of approval on this project.

Roof Type: Standing Seam Metal
Material: .032 Aluminum – Kynar 500 finish
Size: 12 inch wide panels
Color: Charcoal Gray

Image of a historic building in Lambertville NJ with a new metal roof installed by Alte Exteriors.
Colorful roof transformation by Alte Exteriors in Lambertville NJ.
Image of a bright red building with blue metal roof installed by Alte Exteriors.