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Copper is undoubtedly of the oldest metal roofing materials used in early human architecture. Copper roofs combine exceptional style with unsurpassed quality, durability, and longevity. When it comes to copper, you can choose to install a full copper roof or opt to add copper accents including turrets, chimney caps, or awnings over bay windows. Copper roofs have recently grown in popularity among homeowners who are looking for a permanent roofing material that will increase the curb appeal and real estate value of their property. Although the color of copper is a distinct bright orange/brown, over the years it progresses through numerous hues of brown and gray. Over time, copper roofing eventually develops a striking blue-green patina. Sheet copper is available in many varieties: textures , coatings, and colors – even pre-patinated. This can achieve the desired patina for the copper roof immediately. Copper roof materials come in panels, each custom bent on-site.

  • standing seam

  • batten seam

  • flat seam

  • shingles

  • custom imaginative and attractive forms



Unsurpassed durability

Copper is the only roofing material that improves with age. It has the ability to withstand elemental abuse from high winds to torrential downpours. As copper ages, a protective film is built that works as a barrier.


Copper roofing systems have an extremely long life span which makes them cost-effective. Where roof materials such as wood or shingles have a life-span of approximately 25-years, copper can last centuries.

Environmental Friendly

Copper roofs will outlast virtually every other roof material, but once the structure is retired, copper from the roof, flashing, and gutters can be reclaimed and recycled (highest recycling rate of any engineering metal). Similarly, many of the copper roofing sheets and shingles are made from recycled and repurposed material, rather than new material that is extracted and processed.

Mold and Rot Resistant

Copper and copper alloys have natural antimicrobial qualities that resist fungus and bacteria growth. Copper roofing is naturally mold and rot-free – rainwater will simply wash away any surface dirt and biological contaminants. To see more advantages of copper roofing panels, see our Recent Comprehensive Post:



Bay Window Roofing: Custom Copper Bay Window Custom fabrication of copper roofing on bay windows can be installed to match any existing shape.  Bay windows can be framed with an inward or outward curve, this can cause a challenge for a contractor lacking the copper roof expertise required.  Most metal roofing material is simply too rigid to install on a curved roof surface – unlike copper – which is a soft metal.
Dormer Roofing: Image of curved copper standing seam roof Installed by Alte Exteriors Roofing Company Morristown NJ Dormers can be functional by adding to the living space below or simply a visual part of the home’s exterior design.  It is common for a contractor to use different roofing materials to accent dormers.  Custom copper roof panels help the dormers stand out from the remainder of the roof.  Copper is the perfect metal choice for roofing with a timeless look that will provide peace of mind for a lifetime. 
Skirt Roof / Overhang Roofing: Image of a roof installed with both copper and cedar shake shingles - by Alte Exteriors Small roofs that are built over doorways, garage doors, porches and entrances to the home or building are commonly built as an accent feature.   A roofing contractor would recommend using a metal material to provide a clean look to the overall appearance of the roof section.  Copper roofing is the best possible choice for a durable long lasting roof.
Cupola Roofing: A cupola by itself is a unique addition to any roof.  Commonly found at the top of a barn roof or country estate.  Cupolas can come with different attachments called weather vanes.  Weather vanes attach to the roof cap of the cupola.  They can come with almost any design you can imagine attached to the roof.  The most common seen are a bird, horse, Compass directional letters, and roosters.  Copper roofing is the best custom choice to install on a cupola because it gives the contractor an easy material to work with that can be flexible to any scenario. 

Although Alte Exteriors is best known for their specialty metal roofing projects, we also provide the same award winning roofing services on:


  • home restoration project

  • roof repair

  • shingle or trim repair

  • complete roof replacement

  • new construction installation

  • slate / cedar / copper / metal roof installation and repair

  • historic roof restoration, historical roof repairs / replications


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Roof replacement can be stressful. If you’re thinking about getting a new roof, copper is a material that’s worth considering. Copper is particularly durable and long-lasting. Additionally, it has a unique beauty that markedly adds to any home’s curb appeal.   Custom copper roofs are also somewhat unusual, so you’ll want to find a roofing contractor with experience working with this material.  It requires a copper roofing contractor with the specialty roofing knowledge and experience required to identify, restore, and repair all metal roof details accurately – down to the last piece of trim on each building. At Alte Exteriors, we are always thrilled to be given the opportunity to help a homeowner in need. Contact Alte Exteriors today to learn more about installing a copper roof on your home or building. We have over 50 years of experience and know precisely what it takes to ensure a successful installation. We’ll be happy to provide information for all desired styles and roofing materials for your home or commercial building.  Drop by our local Branchburg location, or give us a call. Let’s answer your questions and help you decide if a copper roof is suitable for your home.

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