Cedar roof material quality control


Contrary to claims on certain product packaging, mere inclusion of telephone numbers and/or postal box details does not constitute “Independent Inspection Bodies.” True independent inspection entities maintain valid credentials, employ skilled and seasoned professionals, and operate with their own workforce, distinct physical location, contact number, and corporate office, all separate from the product’s creator.


“We opted out of membership with the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau because we enforce stricter grading on our goods.” Caution! Membership in the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau does not restrict members from surpassing the grading criteria. What is forbidden is the production of goods that fall below the grading benchmark. 


“We chose not to join the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau because our products are actually graded tougher.” Alert! The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau has never prevented its members from producing ABOVE the grade standard. Members are prohibited, however, from producing BELOW the grade standard. Buyer’s Tip: When faced with this statement, ask your supplier if the mill uses in house OR a legitimate third party inspection agency. Ask about their technical service. You may be surprised by the answer you receive.


Beware when a product’s label states “in alignment with” instead of “in compliance with” the grading rules. This is a subtle distinction, but an important one. Query your vendor to confirm whether the products genuinely adhere to and fulfill the grading rule requirements, or if this is a clever tactic to mislead the consumer.

Consider your purchasing choices with care: 

Consumers seek genuine value when investing in cedar roofing or siding. The safety of their homes—the sanctuary for treasured possessions and family heirlooms—rests on using roofing and siding materials whose grade and quality are beyond reproach. Don’t hesitate to ask for aid. For nearly a century, the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau has been offering expert guidance to customers of Certi-labelTM products.

Cedar Roof Material warnings


“If it sports a blue tag, it means it’s top-notch.” However, “Blue Label” is actually a specific trademark owned by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, representing more than 250 affiliated enterprises. A blue-colored label on a product doesn’t automatically signify that it’s up to standard or independently verified. Misinterpretation could lead to refusal of the shipment at the project site. Shopping Guidance: To ensure you’re getting a product from a Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau affiliate, the purchase order and roofing agreement should clearly state “Certi-labelTM” followed by the desired grade, type, dimensions, and even the product’s colloquial name, like “heavies,” “mediums,” or “R&R.” Clear stipulations in your documents mean your vendor has no room to deliver anything other than the requested product, grade, or brand. Make it clear that any delivery not matching the “Certi-labelTM” specification will be returned. Incorrect branding can also lead to warranty issues, causing customer dissatisfaction.


“Our offerings are on par with Certi-labelTM goods but are more affordable/readily available/preferred by your roofer.” Such claims can be deceptive. The price often reflects quality. Certi-labelTM goods are accessible, and skilled roofers favor using materials that not only meet the codes but also reduce waste and callbacks. Purchasing Tip: Challenge your supplier when confronted with such assertions. If you need assistance finding materials or debunking myths, our District Managers are on hand to offer complimentary support.


“This is simply our mill brand… It comes from the same logs and is manufactured by us in exactly the same way as our regular material.” This sounds suspicious. “Mill Grade” product does not conform to building code and is the lowest grade available. Remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t be fooled. Buyer’s Tip: Ask for written confirmation that the product has legitimate third party inspection and will be accepted by the local building code official for your specific project.


“Our company doesn’t subscribe to the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau due to membership fees. Those savings are passed to our clientele.” Challenge your supplier if they have ever utilized the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau’s website, referred to our installation guidelines, or sought technical advice from a District Manager. If they have, then why rely on the resources of an industry association while simultaneously criticizing its value to you? Consider this: Who would you prefer consulting for support – a sales agent focused on their next commission or an informed, education-oriented individual dedicated to providing complimentary technical help and resources?     

Quality Cert-Label brand products
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Beware of sales tactics where customers are misled to think certain brands or products are unavailable, simply to clear existing inventory. With a robust roster of over 70 member manufacturers, the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau has the network to provide the high-quality cedar product you’re seeking. Our District Managers are ready to offer complimentary assistance in locating Certi-label TM, third-party inspected cedar shakes and shingles.



“Fantastic bargains enhance my product range.” While everyone is drawn to a good bargain, it’s crucial to discern between a genuine deal and one that’s too good to be true. Nobody appreciates Number One Grade bundles packed with over 80% flat grain, nor cartons that fall short on coverage. These issues indicate subpar products, leading to job site complaints, code violations, and inventory deficits. Remember, the cost reflects the quality.

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Tip for Installers:

Steer clear of so-called “BARGAIN” cedar shakes and shingles that are poorly graded and under-filled. These will ultimately incur higher installation costs due to inadequate coverage, job site remediations, and potential official rejections necessitating tear-offs.



If your non-member supplier of shake and shingle products suggests deceiving about your product brand to access free Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau technical support, think twice. Should you really engage with a business that expects dishonesty just to avoid membership fees? It’s the dues from our members that compensate our District Managers, ensuring that their technical expertise remains a privilege for our members’ customers. The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau does not condone freeloading. Shopping Suggestion: Our representatives are deeply connected within the industry. If you’re claiming to use our members’ Certi-label TM materials, we will verify. District Managers will inquire about specific project details to confirm the use of our members’ Certi-label TM brand.




The presence of flat grain is controlled by the grading standards. Premium Grade shakes and Number One Grade shingles must be flat grain-free. However, Number One Grade shakes can include up to 20% flat grain per bundle. For a thorough understanding, consult the official grading rules referenced in national building codes at www.cedarbureau.org.




Some producers may underfill bundles or design smaller-than-standard cartons, skimping on the rightful ON GRADE coverage. It’s important to compare the actual contents with the stipulated grading rules, much like ensuring food packaging accurately reflects the serving size and corresponding calorie information.

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  • Access to complimentary technical support from a team dedicated to education rather than sales
  • A wide selection of free educational materials and detailed grading rule documents
  • Enhanced quality assurance through additional inspections by the Cedar Quality Auditor
  • Peace of mind with authentic third-party inspections performed by an accredited agency
  • Availability of a lifetime limited warranty from CSSB-affiliated manufacturers when installed by a CSSB-endorsed installer
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable products provided by nature’s bounty


Countless Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau affiliates are rooted in family traditions, carrying on a legacy of quality through multiple generations. Established close to a century ago, the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau has stood as:

The Esteemed Reference Since 1915.


For these reasons, our family-run roofing business, Alte Exteriors, with a history spanning five decades, confidently selects Certi-Lable products.

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