Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About ROOFING SERVICES, SIDING AND GUTTERS

How long do roofs last?

  • Asphalt: 50 year manufacturer’s material warranty
  • Cedar Shake: 20 – 50 years
  • Slate: 40 – 100 years
  • Copper: 60 – 80 years

It is important to keep in mind that regular maintenance and professional service will also determine how long your roof will last.

When can I tell my property needs siding replacement?

  • Moisture buildup on the side of your home
  • Boards that aren’t lying flat anymore
  • Faded color
  • Broken pieces

What are seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters are measured and cut onsite by our team for a perfect fit on each project. They only require joining at corners and where the gutters meet the downspouts, which makes them less likely to leak.

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