Standing Seam Roof - after installation

Standing Seam Tewksbury NJ Roof Installation

Alte Exteriors Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Tewksbury NJ Roof Installation

Alte Exteriors Metal Roofing

Still Hollow Estate – Low-Sloped Roof 

Our team was initially called out to meet the new owners of the Still Hollow Estate. The beautiful landmark estate in Tewksbury, NJ was built in 1790.  The expansive property features several outbuildings and boasts an amazing pool – constructed in the early 1940’s.  During the 1920’s, the Still Hollow Estate served as a weekend getaway for a family living in Manhattan, NYC. 

With age comes beauty for this estate.  Although beautiful, the previous owners had neglected to properly maintain the low-sloped section of the roof – for quite some time.  This was brought to the attention of the new owners their first winter at Still Hollow. Subsequent storms caused accumulation of snow and ice on the rear lower-roof section of the home.

Current Condition – Still Hollow Low-Sloped Roof 

Viewing Still Hollow Estate from behind – attached to a massive brick chimney – was the low-sloping roof.  After close examination of the area,  several layers of roofing were discovered. Unfortunately, the past installation attempts proved to be one poorly installed roof, over-top of another.  Ultimately this resulted in a multitude of leaks – throughout the entire roof area. Due to the slope of the roof section, and the type of material chosen for past installations – the roof was failing. To properly function, the correct material must be installed in low-sloping roof areas.

Selecting a Roof System

The question homeowners encounter – when they realize they have a leaking low slope roof – is what type of material to use.   Asphalt shingles are not made for any roof slope under a 3”on12” slope.   The standard material to use would be a membrane style roof – GAF Liberty Membrane roofing system, a black rubber EPDM roof system, or a white thermoplastic membrane (TPO).   Although very functional, membrane roof options unfortunately aren’t esthetically pleasing.  In addition to these options, Alte Team Member Mike Rivera Sr. presented Standing Seam Metal. Comparatively, Standing Seam Metal is a premium roof material.  When installed correctly, this metal provides a number of unique benefits.

Standing Seam Metal roof systems offer a variety of positive attributes:   

  • Esthetically pleasing
  • Weather-tightness
  • Extreme durability
  • Color choices
  • Energy efficient 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Fire resistance
  • Increased home value

After careful consideration of the roof replacement options suggested by Alte Exteriors, the homeowners made their decision: Installation of a Standing Seam Metal roof system.

Roof Removal Process

Assessing Roof Decking

 Close inspection of the current roof decking revealed a complete replacement was necessary.

Visible now with the roof exposed:

The carpenters previously working on the home had not removed any cedar shake siding – prior to installing the new framing to the existing home.

Discovery below the roof decking

Previously, the windows had been 2X’S the size (Prior to last roof installation).

Exposing the existing roof structure

When the low-slope roof section was previously installed to the existing roof, it had simply been attached to the outside of the home.

Roof Decking and Roof Underlayment

Establishing Sound Roof Decking

With the installation of 1.2” CDX Sheathing now complete, we have a solid (and clean) surface to work on.

Installing High Temperature Ice and Water Shield

Installing High Temperature Ice and Water Shield is the first step once CDX Sheathing installation is complete.

This achieves a water-tight seal, even before the metal panel installation is complete.

Standing Seam Roof Installation AFTER Photos:


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Alte Exteriors Roofing Contractors are located in Somerset County. Offering metal roof repair,  metal roof installation, and inspection in and around the following counties:

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Roof Repair no interest Financing Available