Velux CABRIO® Skylight Installation – NJ

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A New Jersey homeowner wanted to bring more light into the home’s second-floor family room, located above the garage. At the time, the room had two fixed skylights. Alte Exteriors recommended the unique Velux CABRIOⓇ skylight, which significantly increase the amount of light in the room and would also provide additional space due to the skylight’s unique balcony feature. Below is a photo of the home before the installation.

They really did a wonderful job! We were putting in an uncommon roof window and it turned out amazing! Would highly recommend them to anyone and (if/when) I’ve roof work needed, they are my first call. – Peter Betz

Replacing a skylight with a newer model in the same size is a fairly straightforward process, but replacing a fixed skylight with the CABRIOⓇ model is a bit more involved. During the initial consultation, Alte Exteriors took note of the specific job conditions, including the roof pitch and the desired skylight dimensions. First, Alte’s skylight installers covered the floor with drop cloths in order to protect the space from dust and debris. Next, they added ceiling framing around the spaces where the new skylights would be located. Then, they covered the ceiling framing with a reflective foil sheet designed to create a barrier to stop the transfer of radiant heat.

Ceiling framing covered with reflective foil insulation.
Ceiling framing covered with reflective foil insulation.

The next step was to cut openings, the size of the new skylights, into the roof itself. This step can sometimes result in the need for some shingle repair or replacement on the roof’s exterior.

Alte Exteriors installers cut holes in the roof in preparation for the Velux Cabrio skylight installation.

The new Velux Cabrio skylights were assembled on-site, installed to the roof as per Velux specifications to provide the homeowner with a leak-free room for years to come. Next, the ceiling was covered with a natural wood shiplap finish and the inside of each skylight was finished with wood trim to match the remainder of the room.

Velux CABRIO skylights following installation.
Newly installed Velux CABRIO skylights.

As shown in the below photos, the unique Velux CABRIOⓇ transforms from roof window to balcony in just seconds.

Velux CABRIO skylight in open position.
Balcony created by the Velux CABRIO skylight.

The experienced skylight installation crew at Alte Exteriors disposed of the old skylights, as well as any construction debris from the installation. As shown in the photos above, the addition of a Velux CABRIOⓇ skylight can brighten up a dark area inside a home and even provide additional space.


The unique Velux CabrioⓇ transforms from roof window to balcony in just seconds. This innovative solution will add natural light, fresh air and a view to your home. Watch our video of a Velux CabrioⓇ installation in Hunterdon County, NJ: