Chester Roof Replacement NJ, Gutters, and Skylight Installation

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Chester Roof Replacement NJ, Gutters, and Skylight Installation


Alte Exteriors Roofing / Gutters / Skylight Replacements

Chester Roof Replacement NJ, Gutters, and Skylight Installation

Alte Exteriors Roofing / Gutters / Skylight Replacements

Chester roof Replacement NJ

plan of action – 

Sometimes, all a house needs to liven it up is a new roof. This was decidedly the case with Chrissy’s house. With a new roof, gutters and skylights, her house was completely transformed. With almost a 5,000 square foot roof, this transformation was not an undertaking to be taken lightly.  Chrissy made the right choice by deciding to pick Alte Exteriors to do the job. After explaining every facet of her roof to Chrissy and ensuring that she understands everything involved with a large roofing project, Alte Exteriors began immediately coordinating and preparing for the replacement. First we scheduled a dumpster to be dropped off, next the material would be delivered. Now Alte Exteriors was ready to tackle this Chester roof replacement project.

Arriving at the job: Day of the Chester roof  replacement

There were some difficulties getting the large material truck down Chrissy’s windy driveway. However, this was easily rectified by a quick trip to the store. We laid down sheets of plywood allowing the material truck to drive on the grass – without digging ruts into the well kept lawn. After the material truck was in proper position for the boom, the crane arm on the material truck placed the material gently on the roof for us to disperse on the ridge of the roof for later installation. The ability to have the material delivered to the peak of the roof significantly reduces the time needed to replace a roof as it takes out the need to move shingles up a ladder either by a power ladder or our backs. This time savings directly translates into a savings expense for both homeowners and roofing companies alike.

Before Chester Roof Replacement NJ by Alte

Chester Roof Replacement Process

Removing Shingles Chester Roof Replacement NJ

Current Roof / Gutter / and Skylight Condition

The removal of the roof is always the toughest part and it was no different for Chrissy. Luckily, Chrissy only had one layer of shingles on her old roof. It used to be fairly common for roofing companies to allow the option to shingle over previous roofs, as this wouldn’t require the removal or disposal of the prior roof. While some contractors continue this practice today, it is generally avoided. The return-on-investment seen by utilizing this practice has decreased significantly as the price of materials has increased over the years.

Chester Roof Removal in NJ

Rotten Roof Decking Discovered

Chrissy did have a couple leaks in her almost 30 year old roof. Originally, these leaks prompted her to reach out to the experts at Alte Exteriors. As she was experiencing multiple leaks for an extended period, the probability of needing to replace roof decking was high. However, fortunately for Chrissy, only 4 bad sheets of ½” CDX plywood warranted replacement. These 4 sheets had become wet-rotted from years of small leaks which affected the wood as time went by. Alte Exteriors includes 2 sheets of plywood for free on every roof replacement project. This meant Chrissy only incurred an additional cost for 2 sheets of plywood. Considering the size and age of her roof, it was fantastic news.


Before Chester Roof Replacement in NJ

Finishing removal of the existing roof

Once the shingles, underlayment, and drip edge had been removed and the roof decking had been deemed sound, we were able to move onto installation.

Material Selection: Chester Roof Replacement

Chester Roof Decking

GAF Ice and Water Shield Underlayment

The underlayment of a roof consists of the Ice and Water Shield, GAF Synthetic Felt Buster, and Aluminum Drip Edge. First, the GAF Weather Watch Ice and Water Shield underlayment had to be installed before the shingles could be nailed down. Ice shield is required in any climate where snow seasons are common. Ice Shield is installed along the eaves, valleys, around any protrusion in the roof, as well as along any wall that touches the roof.

Underlayment for Chester Roof

GAF Felt Buster Synthetic Underlayment

Second, the main underlayment – Felt Buster Synthetic underlayment – is installed on the rest of the roof. The Felt Buster underlayment will act as a moisture barrier beneath the shingles.

Drip edge used on Chester Roof Installation

Drip Edge Installation

The Drip Edge is an aluminum bent piece of metal that goes along the entire perimeter of the roof to help redirect water from the fascia into the gutters. Alte Exteriors custom bends each piece of drip edge metal on-site – allowing a perfect fit on every roof installation.

GAF Starter Shingles for Chester Roof Installation

GAF Starter Shingles

Once the underlayment was installed down we began to shingle the roof. Alte Exteriors will always install starter shingles along the entire perimeter of the roof. These starter shingles  act as a base for the shingles – preventing shingle blow-off from occurring. 

GAF Shingles installed on Chester Roof in NJ

Timberline HDZ Shingles (Charcoal)

After the starter shingles are installed, we then shingle the roof (with 6 nails per shingle). 4 nails per shingle is standard for the roofing industry. To ensure proper adhesion to the roof, Alte Exteriors recommends 6 nails per – on every installation. On this NJ Chester roof, the homeowner selected GAF Timberline HDZ Charcoal shingles.

GAF Snow and Country Ridge vent installed on Chester roof in NJ

GAF Snow Country Ridge Vent

Following the application of the shingles, we installed the GAF Snow Country Ridge Vent – allowing the roof proper ventilation. 

Chester Roof

GAF Timbertex Capping Shingles

The final touch:  Double-Ply GAF Timbertex Capping Shingles are installed along the hips and ridges. Timbertex Capping Shingles offer a double-layer of protection against leaks and blow-offs.

Chester NJ roof system installed complete

Complete Roof System

The complete roof system installed on this Chester Roof In NJ.

After Photos From Chester Roof / Gutter / Skylight Replacements


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NJ Chester Roof Replacement, Gutter Replacement, Skylight addition Installation

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