When talking about your home’s roof, the word “emergency” isn’t something many of us want to hear. Weather events like heavy rain, hail, snow, ice, hurricanes, or excessive wind, can wreak havoc on your roof. Falling tree limbs are also a common culprit for roof emergencies, and it is not unheard of for roofs to become damaged by critters setting up housekeeping on your roof. These events create the need for quick actions to avoid further damages to the home.

The first signs of roof trouble may be subtle, such as discoloring on the ceiling or walls. Or, the evidence of damage may be much more apparent, like water dripping (or rushing) from your home’s ceiling. Neither scenario is good nor should be ignored. No matter the cause, it pays to be prepared when the unexpected does happen.

Stay Calm

If your roof is damaged for any reason, it is imperative to address the issue as early as possible and remain calm. Time is of the essence to avoid further damage to your home and its interior. Your first instinct may be to climb up a ladder to see what happened, but this isn’t advisable or safe for the typical homeowner. Don’t panic and never attempt to climb up to view damage during an active storm. Oftentimes, roof damage is a lot less severe than originally thought to be, but you’ll need a clear head and all your limbs intact to handle the next steps of your emergency roof plan.

Protect Your Interior

While waiting for the roofing cavalry to arrive, do what you can to protect the interior of your home. Key steps to take include temporarily covering holes, laying down protective tarps, or placing buckets strategically to capture water. Keep in mind that roofing contractors cannot respond when a storm is actively underway, but they will respond to emergency repair requests immediately after the weather subsides and it is safe for crews to venture out. A primary goal following an event leading to a roof emergency is to seal up the area where the leakage is happening to minimize further property damage. Once accomplished, it is time to look at a more permanent solution to get your roof back into tip-top shape.

Image of water damage to plaster in the interior ceiling of a home.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Unless you intend to cover the cost of repairs out of pocket, you’ll want to send a message to your insurance agent to report the damage and begin the claim process. Together with your roofing contractor and/or insurance agent, a plan of action to repair or replace the damaged areas of your roof can be set in motion. In some cases, the roof damage is extremely severe it requires the homeowner to find alternate living arrangements. Some insurance policies cover temporary housing and the costs you’ll incur while the damage is repaired. You’ll want to know what your options include.

Be Careful of Door-to-Door Repair Crews

Sadly, there are unethical roofing contractors that follow storms trying to take advantage of homeowners in distress. Use good judgment and do your due diligence before agreeing to a quick repair that may lead to a costly and ineffective outcome. Getting the job done right by a reputable and trusted roofing company is far more important than accepting the first offer you receive to fix the issue. If you are asked to provide a large down payment, proceed with caution. At a minimum, ask for their references, verify they are licensed and bonded, and make an educated decision when choosing a contractor for your roof.

Image of roofing contractor with tool belt and hard hat.

First Things First

Establish a relationship with a trusted and professional roofing contractor, so you have a “go-to” resource at your fingertips when the unexpected happens. They can quickly respond to help you with the initial “shoring up” step to conduct an initial assessment of the damage and address the immediate need.

Opt For Trusted Help

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