If it has been 10 or more years since you have replaced your home’s roof, it’s probably time to start thinking about scheduling a roofing contractor to talk about replacement. If it isn’t an emergency situation that requires immediate attention (leaks, holes, gutter, or storm damage), you may be wondering about the best times of the year to get this project on the schedule and underway.

Of course, roofing contractors replace roofs year around, but there are some months of the year that are simply better suited to undertake a roof replacement. Picking the right time for a roof replacement is important, since it will directly affect the total project cost and average time it will take to get the job completed. 

But when is the “best” time to schedule your roof replacement project? The answer is, “it depends.” Factors such as where you live, the weather in your area, and the availability of qualified roofing contractors and materials all play a part in determining when you should contact a professional roofing company and can reasonably expect to get on their schedule. 

Fall is Peak Roof Replacement Season

Roofing contractors are busiest during late summer and early fall. This is prime roofing season and crews are going from sun up to sun down to get projects done. Getting a roof replacement done during this time can take a little longer to schedule and can result in delays if materials become limited and crews are already booked elsewhere. Getting on the schedule early is an important strategy if you wish to have your roof replaced during this time of the year.

Fall is often deemed the absolute best time for contractors and roof installation pros to install a new roof on your home. Cooler temperatures and consistent weather patterns enable crews to work longer and optimal temperatures allow for the proper setting and sealing of new shingles. 

Busy Season for Roofers Extends through Late Summer

Late summer is another busy time for roofing companies, in part due to warm temperatures and because of the need to respond to weather-related calls about roof damage. Depending on the weather in your area, late summer can also create extreme heat that impacts roofing crews’  ability to work safely. Depending on the situation, workers on the roof experience temperatures that are 5 to 20 degrees hotter than what your weather man may be reporting. That means if it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit on the ground, your roofing crew may be experiencing heat as much as 105 to 120 degrees! When these conditions exist, most roofing companies put the safety of their crews first, as they should.

As a point of reference, temperatures that range between 45 and 85 degrees create ideal conditions for roof replacement work, so depending on where you live will help you determine the best time to get on the schedule for roof replacement services.

Replacing a Roof in the Winter

Freezing temperatures, moisture, snow and ice could delay installation of any roofing project during the winter months. Extreme cold temperatures can cause asphalt shingles to crack, and it is necessary to avoid periods when temperatures could affect the long-term performance of the shingles. 

For those areas of the country where traditional winters are moderate, this may be the exact right time to take on a roof replacement project. No matter where you live, it is possible to replace a roof during winter months, although conditions will need to be just right to allow for the shingles to be installed safely and effectively. Your roofing professional will keep all of these factors in mind if you opt to schedule a winter roof replacement effort.

Does Planning an Off-Season Roof Replacement Reap Benefits?

Scheduling a roof replacement in the off-season (late winter or early spring) often means a wider availability of roofing contractors able to fit you into their schedule. Temperatures may be starting to moderate, which means crews can get your project in before the busy season rush. This is also an ideal time to identify damage that may have occurred during the cold and stormy seasons, and address them before availability of contractors becomes scarce.

We are often asked if there is a cost savings to scheduling an off-season roof installation. 

Some roofing contractors may offer off-season discounts to keep their crews working during the slower months. The best way to get a fair price and responsive, timely service is to contact your local roofing contractor well ahead of your target installation date.

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